Is the Labrador right for you?

The Labrador is one of the most popular breeds in the world, thanks to his wonderful friendly temperament and gorgeous appearance. These iconic dogs aren’t for everyone though – find out below if you’re suited to owning this lovely breed.

Are you trying to replace a Labrador you once loved?

It’s important to realize that every dog is different, and that Labradors can have different personalities to each other, too. So, if you’re looking to replace a Labrador that has passed away, you will need to be prepared to accept the differences between your old dog and your new one.

Are you looking for a guard dog?

Whilst Labradors are fairly large in size, they aren’t particularly good at warning against danger, or scaring off potential thieves. They are simply just too friendly! So, if you want a dog with watchdog skills you’ll need to choose another breed.

Are you energetic?

The Labrador pup can be energetic, bouncy and boisterous, right into adulthood. Do you have the energy to deal with this? Are you strong enough to handle an almost adult sized pup who jumps up on you? The perfect owner for a Labrador is someone who is naturally active in their daily lives, who wants to walk, hike or swim with a dog, come rain or shine!

Do you have a spacious home and a garden?

Ideally your home should be a decent size if you’re going to own a larger dog like the Labrador. Eager wagging tails can sweep shelves and tables clean and these dogs can take up a considerable amount of space. Apartment owners should probably not get a Labrador, since the dog will not have a garden to run about in and will feel cramped in a smaller home.

Do you have plenty of time?

Looking after a dog, no matter how calm and well behaved, is a full time job. Not only will you need to devote time to training your puppy each day, you’ll also need to walk your dog regularly throughout its whole life.

Can you provide companionship?

Aside from these important aspects, you also need to be physically present to give your dog companionship for most of the day. Dogs are pack animals that crave companionship and it isn’t fair to leave them alone for long periods of time. Labradors will be especially happy if they are brought up in a family atmosphere with plenty of people around and kids to play with.

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