Labrador FAQs

If you’ve recently discovered this beautiful breed, you are bound to have some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Labradors.

Do Labradors shed?

Yes, Labradors have a double thickness coat which sheds all year round. Twice a year, you can expect a big moult when the seasons change and the coat is being renewed.

How often do Labradors need to be groomed?

About once a week your Labrador will need to be brushed down with a firm bristled brush, in order to remove loose fur and debris. This grooming can help to reduce the amount of fur which falls over your home by removing it all in one go. As for bathing, your Labrador will very seldom need to have a proper bath unless he rolls in the mud or starts to give off a certain doggy odour.

How much exercise do Labradors need?

The short answer to this is as much as possible! These dogs have a long history of being trained as working dogs, meaning they have been bred for stamina, energy and strength. They just love to be in the great outdoors, swimming and frolicking. At least two good walks a day will keep your Labrador trim and happy.

Are Labradors good with children?

Yes, Labradors are gentle and good natured. They will just love being in a household where there are children to play with. However, very small children will need to be supervised, because the Labrador’s large size and weight mean he could accidentally knock over a small toddler.

Where do Labradors come from?

Labradors originate from Newfoundland in Canada, where their close relative the St John’s Dog was once used to help fishermen haul their nets and retrieve fish. Once the St John’s Dog was brought to England, it began to be used by the nobility for hunting and retrieving waterfowl.

Are Labradors easy to train?

Labradors have a history of being trained to perform specific tasks. They are eager to please. This means they will be quite easy to train when compared to other breeds, provided they have an owner who is patient, consistent and gives plenty of rewards.

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