What kind of temperament do Labradors have?

If you’re thinking of getting one of these lovely dogs, you will need to know everything about them. Most importantly, you’ll need to know what kind of temperament and personality you can expect from your canine companion. Here are some useful facts.

Labradors are enthusiastic and playful

This breed retains its puppy-like playfulness for many years into adulthood. They are one of the breeds which is said to be “slow to mature”. This is great for people who have children and want a playful, bouncy dog as a family pet.

They can be rowdy and boisterous

Especially in their younger years, the energetic and playful Labrador can sometimes be a handful if he gets over excited. Bear in mind that they are large dogs with thick, strong necks and if you are frail in any way you might have a hard time keeping hold of the lead if they see a playmate in the distance!

Labradors have a cheerful and friendly nature

The great thing about Labradors is that they will make friends wherever they go. They are one of the most friendly dog breeds and tend to be accepting of strangers.

Labradors are happy around other dogs

They also get on well with other dogs and will usually prefer a good romp with a playmate rather than challenging them to a stand-off.

Labradors are eager to please

You should find your Labrador is relatively easy to train when compared to other breeds. This is because he is eager to please and just loves to be rewarded with a treat!

Labradors can sometimes be stubborn

Watch out for a rare stubborn streak which can happen in Labradors that aren’t trained properly as pups. However, if you stand firm with these gentle dogs, they will soon understand their place in the family pack.

Labradors need company

Your Labrador will need to be surrounded by company for most of the day. If he is left alone for long periods he will become bored and more often than not, he will choose to make a mess to let you know this!

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